I thank you, Trish Stratus, for your accolades in contribution to wrestling and sports entertainment, any inspiration I was sparked by, showing me to embrace a healthier lifestyle as you do the same for others and I do enjoy yoga practice as it did transform me in profound ways, and just as important, regard for life such as charity among other acts of humaneness. You demonstrate great virtues like humaneness, patience, perseverance, and various others. As an infant, I was lead poisoned, and this affected me in so many ways as I still grapple today with a mild form of autism; I am grateful to have found you among a few other influential figures in wrestling as well as anywhere else to have a positive impact on my life and I stand today proud to be a student of the University of Massachusetts Boston. Your contributions to the wrestling and sports entertainment industries are significant in their own right since they shape like everyone else’s influences those industries with the fans and above all, human history; a part of giving meaning to life. image

You have had your own variations of moments I witnessed regardless of what I and others feel about them either positive or negative, but we still must acknowledge they were as they were no matter what; simply coming to terms with them. Also, you have broken through barriers with another big influence to me, Lita (who shall become a Hall of Fame equal someday not too far from now), and others people ought to keep in mind and see how the others who follow respond in a changing universe. No matter who is a fan of anything in particular, they must understand the impact of your accolades just as much as those who came before, after, and in the present; we are all human beings and one with the universe. I will continue my healthy journey you inspired me to take. I believe in my heart you will give thanks in return to those who gave support in any way, which includes myself as well as everyone else just the same, in your Hall of Fame speech. Once more, Thank you, Trish and to everyone.

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